Leavin Los Angeles. Sorry for not bloging.

Okey, the clock is late, and i've slept all the day! Damn, its April. And soon is the time for my termine. Damn its going fast. Well, after i've written this blog, i'll go to sleep again. And on Friday, my plane goes to Germany which im very happy for! Well, im excited for how Bill is doing it on the hospital. but im not going to visit him.. yet! Now im just chilling while im listening at "Tokio Hotel- Ready Set Go", which are on TV right now! Well, i think that im going out later, if im woken than, but if not.. I'll stand in bed!
My "bodyguard" Norèa, are going to make me Hot Dogs today, and i really plesure at that people don't are like stupid idiots to me as people are ! Just for that i've been together with Bill doesn't mean that i still got feelings for him. Listen, i know you guys love Bill very high, and i wont destroy it for you, so you can have him by your self.
but now first before im going and sleep at the sofa, im having a damn good & long shower hour!
1.4.08 14:58

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