Can feel the baby is soon coming :'/

I have been so damn sick the last few days, that i've almost died! Omg, i just can feel that the date soon are there! I cant really keep this up any longer.. this is freaky painful & hard also . Im on the hospital.. And Ann Kathrin is here with me.
I just wanted someone i could talk with ^.^! now im pretty bored. have no idea what to do.. just listening at "AFI remix" by  Tokio Hotel . Im soon going to bed, because i can't handle more of sitting up so latley . the nurses at the hospital have said that some days before the birth i can be very sick, i can also throw up alot as i have done the hole day, so its possibly that the weekend's going to the birth. but im not sure if it comes this weekend.. im so nervouse & scared :|
5.4.08 00:05

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