Wow! Im a mum .

Hi everyone:] .
April 06th 2008, around the time 00:20 did i birth my son . It started around April 05th, around the time 14:10. I almost gave up when the clock where 23:20.. but they told me to keep on. Well, he was 5689 gram & 47 cm long. My eks boyfriend came around 01:00 i think, and he knew that i wanted the baby to have the name "Sammy Orlando", but he hated that name. But when he holded him, he saw at me, with big eyes, and said "i think this might be a Sammy Orlando" . And ofcourse i had to sleep of when i got visit, but now the worst is over.. I can breath out, and say that im never going to have kids again, NEVER! ^^ .

I want to thank Trina for being there and supported me throug the hole damn birth. i really pleasure that < 3. So im staying on the hospital for a week or something, before i can move home to my eksboyfriend. You can read more about Sammy, HERE !
6.4.08 12:19

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Heather. (6.4.08 12:22)
omgomgomg! you maked it <3 . you said you wouldn't make it , but look.. . Omg, he is ADORABLE O.O. how can it be possible that he are like that? Well.. that means that hes mum has matched with a DELICIOUSE boy, if im right?! (a) . Well, congratulation with the mumrole . hope you'll enjoy it ;*

berale / Website (6.4.08 12:23)
Congratulations!!! I just found your blog, it's nice =) I hope you have a wonderful time with your baby!!! And by the way, I think that Sammy Orlando is a very creative name =)

Anactazia (6.4.08 12:38)
you came throug with the hole damn shit! aww, im soo proud of you honey <3 . i cant belive that your a mum rihgt now! soo, can you tell me, how was the feeling ?;o

¤ Evelina . / owner. (6.4.08 12:42)
Heather ; okey, i did make it.. but damn it was hard :/ . you see, i cried, throwed up and so on, i didnt want to do anything else than stop. i was like a donkey -_-" . yea, i know! he is the most adorable boy in the world ;* . that means what? :O . well, okey (a) . He is deliciouse than -___-" .

Berale: hehe, thanks ^^ .

Anactazia: Aww, yea i suddently did! thanks <3 . the feeling, euhm.. very bad i think.. because it didnt want to go out-___-

Connie. / Website (6.4.08 19:49)
honey ;* aw, he's so damn sweeeeet *uuuh* < 3 i knew you would make it ! right now, i might think you're the happiest girl in the whole intired world ? <3 and i know that the father is too ^_^ . SAMMY ORLANDO *uuuh* . awiiie ;* my girl is a mum now (a). and she'll forever be ;* i love u, bby ;¤

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